Ex-Auburn player Landon Rice apologized to woman a

  • Former Auburn https://www.jetsjerseymart.com/dustin-byfuglien-jersey tight end Landon Rice, who has been accused of rape by a female Auburn student, repeatedly apologized to the woman via text me sage, according to documents released by the accuser’sattorney.The attorney,Jeff Herman, released a series of texts between Rice and his accuserin which Rice repeatedly apologized and said he "knew it was wrong."MORE: Rice was of first-degree rape. The incidentallegedly occurredin an on-campus residence on April 12. Rice’s attorney has .Rice has not been charged with a crime.WAACK: Rice’s accuser said she wanted him to leave her alone; Rice said he would. That https://www.jetsjerseymart.com/bryan-little-jersey part of the conversation was on April 18. The two did nottalk again until Rice sent her another text June 1. Two days later, https://www.jetsjerseymart.com/mark-scheifele-jersey she responded, saying she wanted him to stop reaching out to her.Rice asked if she could “please just let it go and never bring it up again,” promisingto leave her alone.“Why?” she asked. "Because you don’t want it getting around and po sibly affecting football???"Rice again apologized, at which point his accuser once again said she wanted him to leave her alone.“You do not have the right to contact me,” she wrote. "Better yet, you do not have the right to shut me up. Trust me, it’s not the story that I want people knowing. I’m not saying anything https://www.jetsjerseymart.com/ondrej-pavelec-jersey to save your promising football career, I’m not saying anything because I’m too embarra sed and I don’t want people to know."Rice then offered to delete her contact from his phone, at which point she suggested thatwould be in his best interest. She then told him again to stay away from her, to which he https://www.jetsjerseymart.com/ replied “Yes mam.”

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