Art Briles overlooked alleged 2014 assaults by Dev

  • Another woman has come forwardclaiming she was repeatedly a saulted by a Baylor football player.Dolores Lozano she was repeatedly a saulted by former running backDevin Chafinin 2014, and then-Baylor coach Art Briles knew about it.MORE: Lozano saidshe was a saulted three times in 2014by Chafin, who following a Marcharrest on marijuana po se sion charges. She said she reported the incidents to Briles, Chafin’s mother andcurrent a sistant Jeff Lebby while deciding whether to pre s charges. Lozano was dating Chafin at the time and saidChafin’s mother urged her "not to report the i sue to police.“According to Lozano,Chafin “slapped” and “kicked” her,“slammed (her) against the wall” and “choked her until she lost feeling in her body” in March 2014. Chafin then allegedly"slammed” her against a vehicle early in April2014 and, later in the month, “forcibly and aggre sively grabbed” her and “slammed” her "to the ground."MORE:Chafin denied Lozano’s claims.He also said Brilesnever discu sed the situation with him.“The story has been falsely constructed,” . "No one knows the entire story. This girl is not who she claims to be."Lozano eventually reported the incidents to Waco police,providing multiple photosthatappear to show large bruises on her left arm and shoulder.Lozano told Schad she also brought the matter to LaPrise Williams, Baylor’s acrobatics and tumbling coach at the time when Williams asked her about the bruising. Lozano says Williams reported the incidents to her superior, Nancy Post, and claims Williams also reported the alleged a sault to Baylor chaplain Wes Yeary and counselors at Baylor.Even after the incidents were reported, Chafin played in nine games during the 2014 season. During his three years at Baylor, the 6-0, 225-pound Chafin rushed for 1,256 yards and 21 touchdowns.After ;rea signing school president KenStarr, ;and disciplining athletic director Ian McCaw, , Baylor fired two other members of the football staff:Colin Shillinglaw, the athletics director for football operations, and longtime staffer Tom Hill, who held a variety of roles over the past 15 years.The shakeup came afteran external review by Pepper Hamilton LLP founddamning evidenceof institutional failure to protect females on campus.The school came under increasing scrutiny for claimsit overlooked or covered up allegations made by atleastsix femaleBaylor studentswho saidthey were raped or a saulted by Bearsfootball players from 2009 through April 3 of this year.Lozano’s attorney, Ricky Patel, told Schad she plans on filing aTitle IX lawsuit against Baylor, as other accusers alreadyhave.“Baylor turned their backs to what was going on,” Patel said."The university is a place where people are supposed to feel safe. When something like this happens, it breaks your trust.“Dolores has tried hard to get past this, but believes it’s important for others to know they can seek help.This should send a me sage to those in power to provide help to those who need it.”

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