College Football Playoff rankings Texas AM at No.

  • Do whats normal.Thats all the College Football Playoff committee had to do with its first set of rankings Tuesday, and it didnt.Instead, it invited a trap. It invited back SEC Bias theory. It invited inEast Coast Bias theory. It just had to put a one-lo s team in the No. 4 spot. It had to throw Texas A&M in that spot. Thats not normal.Maybe its the made-for-television drama, but theres no need for it this early. Let the games do that.MORE: The first three spots are easy. Alabama is an obvious No. 1. You can flip-flop Clemson and Michigan in the next two spots. Easy money. Washington, the fourth undefeated team in a Power 5 conference, is the natural fit at No. 4.Instead, the committee went for Texas A&M. It invited a trap. Why put a team in the No. 4 spot that is in the back seat to Alabama in the SEC West, might not play in a conference championship game and could easily finish with one more lo s? Its inviting in SEC Bias theory. Good luck on talk radio Wednesday explaining that away. The justification might be that the Aggies opponents have a combined record of 53-43, a winning percentage of .522. They beat three ranked teams, but UCLA, Arkansas and Tenne see are no longer ranked. The best win on Texas A&Ms schedule is probably Auburn, which wasnt ranked at the time.MORE: Its inviting in East Coast Bias theory. How many times have you heard, I really like Washington, but those Pac-12 games are just so gosh darn late. The Huskies are an excellent team on the both sides of the ball, and they scored wins against Stanford and Utah . Still, the combined record of the Huskies opponents is 47-51, a winning percentage of .480.The committee invited a one-lo s team to the No. 4 spot. Thats really the end of it. Washington is an undefeated team in a Power 5 conference that has won the big games on its schedule. Sure, its just one set of rankings, and the Huskies still have games against Cal, USC, Arizona State and Washington State. They are still on track to get back to that No. 4 spot if they win those games and finish unbeaten. This, however, is a strong signal that a one-lo s Pac-12 team will be left out of the playoff.BAIRD: They put the pre sure on Washington and took it off Texas A&M. Thats not fair, and its a weird precedent to set as the third year of the College Football Playoff enters the November stretch. There are a lot of weird things that could happen in between, and theres one piece of advice for the committee moving forward.Let the games do the talking.And do whats normal.

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