Yes Wisconsin can keep winning against brutal sche

  • Wisconsin cant keep doing this. Can they?Thats what well continue to ask ourselves in the aftermath of the Badgers 30-6 victory against No. 8 Michigan State at Spartan Stadium on Saturday.MORE: That win goes well with the season-opening victory against No. 18 LSU. Wisconsin proved its worth as a top-10 team for now.The reward for knocking off the defending Big Ten champions? Its another round of you cant keep doing this. Thats the tagline this week.Look at the schedule. They travel to No. 4 Michigan before a bye week, then get home games with No. 2 Ohio State and No. 20 Nebraska with a road date at Iowa in between. Good lord, who drew that up again? Theres no reasonable answer; only that same skepticism.They cant keep doing this with redshirt freshman Alex Hornibrook, right? Well Hornibrook, who completed 16 of 26 pa ses for 195 yards, a TD and one interception, played well in his first career start. Forget about the statistics. Go watch the third-and-11 pa s to George Rushing that kept a drive alive in the third quarter. That resulted in a field goal.Hornibrook made high-percentage throws and accurate down-field throws to Jazz Peavy and didnt make catastrophic mistakes against a defense that has forced so many of those for the last decade.They cant keep doing this with their thoroughbred running back wearing tape halfway down his leg, right? Corey Clement has to get healthy, but he proved he can play through pain. He is fighting through an ankle injury and isnt 100 percent. He fought through the first half with 12 carries for 15 yards, but one of those was a short touchdown run. He finished with 23 carries for 54 yards and two TDs.They cant keep making opportune plays like . Or kicker Michael Endicott nailing a 41-yard field goal on his first attempt. Or rendering a Michigan State offense that hung 36 unanswered points on Notre Dame last week ineffective. Tyler OConnor threw three interceptions and completed just 18 of 38 pa ses.MORE: Wisconsin is nasty on defense and solid on special teams because they have to be nasty on defense and solid on special teams. The Badgers have allowed just 280 yards per game and three TDs from scrimmage.They cant keep doing this. Can they?Maybe they can. The Badgers have taken a cue from no-frills coach Paul Chryst. Hes not a click-generator, but that matters zero. Hes beaten two top-10 teams in four weeks and has quietly piled up a 14-3 record in a season-and-a-third. Thats solid.The victory against the Spartans proves Wisconsin is the team to beat in the Big Ten West Division. Of course theyll have to go through the dueling flagships in Michigan and Ohio State next. Theyve been doing that since the first days of Barry Alvarez. Its familiar territory by now.Until the next easy-to-formulate narrative. They can’t beat a ranked Michigan team for the first time since 1994 at the Big House next week. They beat the Wolverines at Michigan Stadium in 2010, but that was an unranked team and the last days of Rich Rodriguez.This is different. This is Jim Harbaugh. Can Wisconsin beat both Michigan schools on the road in back-to-back weeks?Theyve earned that shot by proving what they can do and not being told what they cant do against that brutal schedule. Its pretty clear what the me sage is.The Badgers are doing just fine, thanks.

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