Ken Starr says Art Briles got raw deal conducted h

  • Former Baylor president Ken Starrr, during an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival on Saturday, defended former Bears coach Art Briles, who was fired from the program in the wake of a sexual a sault scandal involving several of his players.I believe that Coach Briles is an honorable man who conducted an honorable program, Starr told Tribune CEO Evan Smith, per the .MORE: Starr believes Briles got a raw deal in his dismi sal and that he has not been treated fairly by ESPN."Briles has devoted his life to molding the lives of young men, he said, according to a from MTV News and New York Times reporter Ann Marie Cox. ESPN (has) done Coach Briles a grave and serious injustice."Starr added that he disagrees with the conclusion drawn by Pepper Hamilton, a law firm hired to investigate the school s handing of the sexual a sault allegations. Pepper Hamilton found that Baylor mishandled claims of the alleged victims and that football players acted as if they were above the law.I disagree with the sense that there was a fundamental failure, Starr said.Starr also said he wants the Pepper Hamilton report released but thatthe board of regents is refusing to do so.MORE: There is not a cultural insensitivity at Baylor, he added.Starr, who resigned as chancellor in the wake of the scandal and then in August as a law profe sor at the university , said hes planning on writing a book about his experiences at Baylor.

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