What is Content Marketing and how can it be utilized by a B2B company?

  • Put simply, content marketing means adding value to your product and/or services through the creation and publication of informative, useful, and relevant content. Not only does it complement other marketing activities as part of an overall strategy, but it can also serve to position a company as an industry leader, build trust in its brand, retain clients and strengthen customer relationships, as well as cell phone number list attract new clients through referrals. Examples of content marketing material include webinars, training, ‘how to’ guides and videos, newsletters and infographics. So, how can a B2B company curate content that is useful, engaging and high-quality whilst appealing to the key decision-makers among its client base? At Noah Digital, we’ve come up with a few ideas for you.

    B2B Companies often don’t realize that one of their most important assets in content marketing is their niche expertise. Any guides, manuals, video tutorials or even think pieces on important issues within their industry serve to establish them as a voice of trust and authority. For example, a software provider might send out a short, easily-digestible guide each week on one specific feature, not only making their client’s life easier but possibly promoting a capability of the software that their client wasn’t even aware of. As to content that is not directly linked to the particular product or service you provide, if a B2B client sees that your company is offering advice or feedback on crucial matters within their industry, this will only serve to position you in their mind as a trusted brand and validate the purchasing decision they have made.
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