How we reviewed the Cocktail Shaker sets

  • Most cocktails that include fruit juice, syrup, or a foaming ingredient are meant to be shaken. That means the majority of all cocktail recipes out there require a decent cocktail shaker. There are household items you can use as an alternative for a cocktail shaker, but they’re not perfect. And simply buying a cocktail shaker also doesn’t solve all of your troubles.

    From classic martinis to daiquiris, creating professional-grade cocktails at home can be a piece of cake provided that you have the right tools. Our mission to bring you the best cocktail shakers of the year took us to the most remote corners of the internet where we read hundreds of professional and community reviews. We took into account a number of factors when selecting products in order to cover all the bases.

    Best Cocktail Shaker Sets

    1. Aozita 24-Piece Cocktail Shaker Bartender Kit with Stand, $40
    2. VG Rose Gold Bar Set Cocktail Shaker Set with Stand, $40
    3. PentaQ Cocktail Shaker Set with Wooden Stand, $32
    4. Rocksly Whiskey Decanter Set with Wood Stand, $66, original price: $70
    5. Williams Sonoma Encore Bar Tools Set with Cocktail Shaker, $140
    6. The Bartesian Cocktail Maker, $370
    7. VonShef Parisian Cocktail Shaker Barware Set, $30
    8. Zulay Kitchen Professional Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set, $18, original price: $23
    9. Esmula Bartender Kit, $30
    10. Aberdeen Oak 14-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set, $40

    How we reviewed the Cocktail Shaker sets
    Choosing the right set for you is challenging. Even more so if you never bought a shaker or other cocktail tools before. To give you an idea of what to consider when choosing the best bar mixing sets for you, here’s the list of criteria:

    Style & Design: Not all cocktail shakers look the same. There are different types of shakers to choose from. But even shakers of the same type or category can look very different. We picked the best beginner-friendly options. -Meaning: leakproof, stainless steel, and nice colorways.
    Durability: Cocktail shakers have to be sturdy and of decent quality. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use them for a long time.
    Ease of use: I prefer an easy-to-use shaker over a complicated one any day of the week. That’s why I mostly use tin shaker sets. They don’t break and are super easy to clean. Most Cobbler shakers, on the other hand, tend to clog the integrated sieve with fruit pulp and other ingredients.
    Price: When buying a cocktail shaker set, you want to save some money by doing so. Therefore the price is, of course, one of the main criteria. You don’t want a cheap set, but you certainly do want great value for money.

    If there’s something that we’re really serious about, it’s crafting a good cocktail. That’s why have a massive variety of premium Mixology Bartender Kit for you to choose from.

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