NBA 2K23 special editions will be Michael Jordan

  • Very little is certain in the gaming industry, but one thing fans can generally rely on is that a new “NBA 2K” entry will come out each year. There have been 23 mainline installments in the series so far, and it seems like 2K has started gearing up to release the next one — “2K23” comes out on September 9. The company also revealed that the cover athlete for both “2K23” special editions will be none other than Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

    The game is currently scheduled to be released on September 9th of this year, and there will be two editions of the game, a Michael Jordan Edition and a Championship Edition. Pre-orders will be available from July 7th.

    As per Dbltap, Alfie Brody, the vice-president of global marketing strategy for NBA 2K, said: “After making 23 the most recognisable number in sports.“It was only fitting that for NBA 2K23 we introduce the Michael Jordan Edition. Additionally, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand new premium edition of the game with the NBA 2K23 Championship Edition, as no other player embodies the word ‘champion’ like Jordan.”

    2K didn’t reveal much more about what’s coming in each edition, but it did confirm that the iconic Jordan Challenges from NBA 2K11 will return in this year’s game. The Jordan Challenges were a series of ten challenges where players had to recreate defining moments in Jordan’s career.

    What does NBA 2K23 Championship Edition include?
    The Championship Edition of “2K23” is considered the premium option for true NBA fans. 2K’s announcement stated that it will be a limited-edition release that contains the Jordan Challenge (like the MJ Edition). Fans who buy it will also get to enjoy some real basketball in the form of a subscription to NBA League Pass.

    • 12-month subscription to NBA League Pass, which includes year-long access to the NBA’s official post-game streaming service. The NBA website states that subscribers won’t be able to watch ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV games live, but they “will have access to live radio broadcasts, and archives of these games will be available to watch 3 hours after the broadcast concludes.” It doesn’t seem like the NBA usually sells League Pass on its own. The organization’s website only has the service on offer as part of a bundle with NBA TV for $14.99 a month, so this edition may present a rare opportunity for fans to get the streaming service without having to pay for the entire bundle.

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