Yakuza Like a Dragon will be removed from Game Pass

  • Microsoft’s subscription service receives a good number of titles on a monthly basis, thus increasing its catalog considerably both on Xbox and on PC and mobile devices (Xbox Cloud Gaming). But at the end of the day, not everything is receiving games and more games, since in the middle and end of each month, players have to say goodbye to some games that leave Xbox Game Pass, as will happen in a few days with Destiny expansions 2 and 4 other games leaving the service.

    Xbox Game Pass subscribers enjoy a 20% discount on games while they’re available for Game Pass, so that way they don’t have to pay full price if they choose to buy it to keep. Sometimes Xbox Game Pass subscribers get deals on other content as well, like DLC, and in fact, the expiration date for some of those DLC deals have led some to believe that one big game could be leaving the lineup soon.

    Players on Reddit noted that DLC for the Yakuza Like a Dragon project, which is currently available at a discount through a Game Pass subscription, will be sold at full price in 26 days. This means that the game will most likely leave the subscription in the near future – in the past, in similar ways, players figured out which games would soon be removed from the Game Pass subscription.

    As many of you already know, on other occasions, these same clues have revealed the progress of other games on the service. After all, you already know that apart from the exclusive games, the others have to leave the service at some point. Be that as it may, we will keep you informed with any news about it.

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