How to androidtv.comsetup by Mobile Device?

  • Follow these steps for androidtv.comsetup with android device like a phone:

    1. Go to setting option in your phone and search google

    2. “Set and Restore” and “Configure with Nearby Device” should be selected.

    3. Now, after a few seconds of searching, click “Next” so that your phone detects Android TV.

    4. Check that the same code is displayed on both the TV screen and the mobile phone, then click “Next.”

    5. Connect the Android TV to a Wi-Fi network and allow Google to copy the file from your phone to the Android TV device. You must grant permission for the operation.

    6. Then choose the Google account that will be used to connect to Android TV.

    7. Google will configure your Android TV using the data from your phone: Accepting the conditions on your device completes the process.

    8. You may be prompted to install a few apps on your Android TV. You can either choose which ones to download or skip the screen.

    9. The installation is complete, and the Android TV is ready to use.

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