IGGM.com hosts Star Wars The Old Republic Credits promotion

  • Project Director Keith Kanneg updates the Star Wars: The Old Republic community with updates since Legacy of the Sith was released. He responded to feedback and how BioWare is preparing for a major update dedicated to fixes and new content.

    Kanneg admits that the transition to 7.0 has not been smooth for many players, so they’ve been working on key issues and responding to the feedback they’ve received. The amount of fixes required will warrant the entire patch. The next patch is targeted for around March 22, and will fix at least 200 patches in one massive push. And players need to earn more SWTOR Credits before that, the best way is to buy SWTOR Credits directly.

    There are many websites selling SWTOR Credits online, I recommend you to go to https://www.iggm.com/swtor-credits. The site is running a promotion recently, selling SWTOR Credits at very cheap prices. Come on!

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