Giannis and Kawhi Are Perfect Foils for Each Other, It Turns Out

  • There is a prevailing sense that the 2019 Eastern Conference finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors carries a sort of clinical air. In the United States, the series is broadcast exclusively on TNT, a network that prides itself on knowing drama when it sees it. But the series has, for the most part, run smoothly; it was still light out in Los Angeles by the time Tuesday Game 4 wrapped. The biggest controversy of the series has nothing to do with the players, but with Drake hands . The Bucks and Raptors have been the East two best teams the entire season, playing in two cities with fan bases starved for widespread acknowledgment. Six points separate the two teams after four games. The narrative through lines aren nearly as apparent as they would have been had either team faced a messier foeoth Milwaukee and Toronto would have served as black lights to the nastiness hidden from the public against either Boston or Philadelphiaut that doesn mean they aren there. The weight of the series didn click for me until there was about three minutes remaining in the second quarter of Game 4. Giannis corralled an uncontested defensive rebound, setting up a most familiar situation: He would take the ball up the floor himself and split two defenders right at the top of the key, positioning the ball high above his head and allowing his impossibly lengthy, gathering stride to guide him past the teeth of the defense for an easy at-rim finish. The endpoint was never in doubt: Antetokounmpo nailed 73.7 percent of his attempts in the restricted area during the regular season, the best mark of the 35 players who took at least 400 shots from that zone. It arguably the most recognizably Giannis play there is , fit to be memorialized in a flip-book.

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