Common packaging material for pizza boxes

  • In today’s catering industry competition, the competition of store food is far more than the food itself so simple, pet lid wholesale food packaging design is equally important
    those directly in contact with food packaging materials. kraft paper bag wholesale Now let’s get some information about the packaging material.
    Raw wood pulp is used as raw material
    Food safety is particularly important when food packaging paper is in direct contact with food. wooden stick wholesale Food packaging paper completely using native wood pulp

    does not have the risk of contamination, safe contact with food, will not transfer harmful ingredients to food.
    And the original wood pulp fiber toughness, high density, good strength, processing performance is also better, in the process of processing production without adding special ingredients to improve the appearance of the paper, color,

    performance, etc… Not only improve the efficiency of the use of resources, but also good touch, natural color (uniform color, no mildew, no black spots, etc.), good printing effect, no odor.

    The most common packaging material for pizza boxes is cardboard. And different materials of pizza boxes to consumers feel is not the same, a unique design, safe materials pizza packaging box can better reflect the grade of pizza, but also let our

    pizza products in the take-out market to show excellent quality.
    It’s important to choose the perfect pizza box to complement the sublime pizza. food container wholesale The perfect pizza box not only has a novel and unique design, the
    paper bag wholesale
    choice of packaging materials should also be safe and environmentally friendly, in line with food hygiene and safety standards. So it’s important to choose a food-grade pizza box made from pure wood pulp.

    Even though its packaging cost is higher than ordinary packaging paper, biodegradable disposable cutlery for the sake of environmental health, food safety and long-term development

    of the enterprise, we should also choose high-quality cardboard pizza box. Hyde provides professional and comprehensive paper packaging solutions, welcome to consult.

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