How To Add A Brother Printer To The MacBook Airprint?

  • Before performing all these steps, first look out for your Brother machine’s firmware version. If there was a new version released, then verify the printer’s firmware version and then proceed with printing. And if your Mac isn’t able to connect to the printer, then you can try turning the printer off and then on to solve the issue. Also, make sure that the printer is connected and that power is getting to the printer.
    If you wish to use AirPrint, then your iOS device must connect using the same Wi-Fi as your Brother printer if Brother Airprint not working. Here is how you can easily add your printer to your Mac, and make sure that you perform the steps in the proper order.
    Step 1 First, click on System Preferences from the Apple menu.
    Step 2 Then select Printers & Scanners.
    Step 3 After that, click on the + icon.
    Step 4 Then you will be able to see the Add screen.
    Step 5 After that, choose your Brother printer.
    Step 6 Then select AirPrint.
    Step 7 Lastly, click on Add to answer how to add a brother printer to Macbook airprint
    This is how easy it is to add a Brother printer to a Mac device. But it is really important that you be patient through the entire process so that you can avoid making any mistakes.

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