Below are the Top 10 Cocktails guaranteed to get your taste buds racing

  • Some things are classic for a reason. Don’t get us wrong, we love and inventive, over the top cocktail as much as anyone, but the timeless flavors of cocktails like the margarita, the Manhattan, and the martini are the cocktail version of comfort food, and we can’t imagine imbibing without them. Whether you’re brushing up on your home mixology menu or looking for a go-to order for your next cocktail hour, these classics will never steer you wrong.

    The majority of today’s most popular cocktails are variations of iconic drinks or based around remedies that were used to cure sickness. The recipes have been enhanced, the liquors more refined, but the enjoyment of sipping a tasty cocktails remains the same.

    There are certain classics that remain strong year after year (we’re looking at you, Old Fashioned). But even among the classics, drinkers’ preferences change in often-unexpected ways. These 10 drinks are our readers’ favorite cocktails right now.

    Below are the Top 10 Cocktails guaranteed to get your taste buds racing.

    1. Apple Martini
    2. Long Island Iced Tea
    3. Californication
    4. Pina Colada
    5. Margarita
    6. Caipirinha
    7. Mint Julep
    8. Mai Tai
    9. Mojito
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