Xbox One Viewing Overview - Pluto TV Support

  • Pluto TV on Xbox One is an immersive experience you won’t forget - delivering optimal feedback in both gameplay and viewing. With Xbox One, you can use your controller to navigate Pluto TV. To navigate the guide menu, you can use your directional pad:
    The up and down arrows allow you to browse the channels. The left arrow will take you to the categories menu. The right arrow will display the program information of what you are watching. How do I watch live/on-demand TV? To watch live TV, activate the guide by pressing B (Red). Keep pressing B one more time. Then select Live TV in To use the On Demand feature, use the right arrow then press A (green). To get more information about a live TV show you’re watching, enable the guide menu: Activate the guide menu by pressing B (red). Then press the right arrow to view more information about your current program. To get more information about an on-demand title you’re watching: Press B (red). To add subtitles you will need to enable in your settings: Press the Xbox button. Scroll down and select Settings. Scroll down to Ease of Access. Choose Closed Captioning and select your preferences.

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