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  • Berserker is one of the powerful classes in Lost Ark. It is a wild force on the battlefield. They wielded a huge giant sword and caused huge damage through a wide range of AoE attacks. When the player enters the Berserker mode triggered by anger, they can easily sweep through a huge pool of enemies. In this form, the attack speed and range have been greatly improved. In addition, MMOWTS can give players a greater advantage, because they can get a lot of cheap Lost Ark Gold from there to enhance their overall strength.

    MMOWTS is an online store with a large amount of Lost Ark Gold. Not only do they provide Lost Ark Gold that is cheaper than the market price, but their 100% secure online transaction system can ensure that all transactions are safe and legal. In order to ensure that players can buy Lost Ark Gold at a low price, staff pays attention to the product market around the clock. In addition, delivery speed is one of their important advantages. The professional team of MMOWTS can ensure that players receive their purchased products as soon as possible after payment.

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