Forza track creator spent over 18 hours brings a slice of Japanese street racing to Mexico

  • If you’re unfamiliar, the Forza Horizon series is an open-world offshoot of Microsoft’s more serious and circuit-based Forza Motorsport franchise of racing games. Set against the premise of the “Horizon” car-and-music festival (essentially Gumball 3000 meets Coachella), Forza Horizon takes Motorsport’s car assets and physics engine, simplifies the latter for a more forgiving, arcade-feel, and throws it all into a gorgeously rendered open world.

    The game was released on November 9 to critical acclaim, and on December 9 the developers scooped an award at The Game Awards for their accessibility features.

    Heavily inspired by Touge (or Tōge), a form of illegal street racing that takes place on winding, narrow mountain passes, Forza track creator PlayerKai spent over 18 hours painstakingly disguising Forza’s idyllic Mexican landscape into something that’d look more at home in Ridge Racer.

    Included in the post are a few screenshots, showing players how it would work – and how they can download it themselves with share codes.

    The post has been met with huge support from the Forza community, most of whom cannot wait to see what map expansions Playground Games has in store for Horizon 5.

    Having only lightly dabbled in Forza’s event editor, it’s truly staggering stuff. Kai hopes that maybe a future Horizon will take the series to Japan—but for the time being, he has more Touge-style courses planned, and you can download variations featuring different weather conditions using the share codes above.

    This is just the latest insane creation to come out of the Forza Horizon 5 subreddit, where fans come together to share their latest projects, tips, and post news.

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