Madden Games Could be Coming to the Nintendo Switch

  • Madden Games Could be Coming to the Nintendo Switch

    Although Madden NFL used to be the mainstay of Nintendo platforms, the series has been absent from consoles for nearly a decade. According to a recent job listing at EA However, this might be changing.

    The long-running series of football simulations by EA continues to do well in sales, even despite harsh criticism from what seems to be a majority of its fan base. The franchise’s latest iteration, Madden NFL 21, received a lot of criticism from players, and earned the game an egregiously low Metacritic score. It was widely criticized for its lack of physics precision and other bugs, as well as the lackluster polish at launch, which led to being named among the top games of 2020. The game’s fans even began using the hashtag NFLDropEA on Twitter.

    Doctre81 on YouTube has discovered that the Madden NFL franchise is returning to Nintendo. Doctre81 found the job description for “Online Software Engineer (C++ – Madden” which dates from November of 2020. If you look further, one of the sections in the job description asks applicants to have two years’ experience working on “Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo gaming consoles.” Although that may not be too much to go off of, past similar job ads at EA haven’t mentioned Nintendo as part of the criteria. Madden NFL 13 on Wii U was the last time the series was available on any Nintendo platform. EA had stated that they would not be bringing the series to the Nintendo Switch in 2018. However, the gaming giant appears to be changing its mind about the hybrid system.

    Should the theory behind the job listings be accurate, it would suggest a reversal in the relationship between giant N and Electronic Arts, with several of its franchises becoming accessible for play on the console’s portable version. Electronic Arts has also ported its battle royale game free to play Apex Legends to Switch. The console’s lack of processing capabilities compared with its Xbox, PlayStation, and PC counterparts has led many fans to speak out against the Apex Switch port. A large number of gamers are dissatisfied by the poor graphics and slow frame rates, and also the poor texture.

    Nintendo offers a solution, which could be the reason Madden is returning. While it’s yet to be confirmed by Nintendo There are rumors about Switch Pro hardware that could let more graphics-intensive games to be added to the platform. It is believed that the Switch Pro will support 4K graphics capabilities, along with NVIDIA DLSS technology in the Switch Pro should theoretically give the system the power it needs to be able to cope with the growing expectations of these titles.
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