NBA 2K22 is introducing a new Shot Meter that dynamically changes the shot success window

  • The shot meter in NBA 2K22 will feature a dynamic shot window but can be turned off for an additional boost. The shot meter window will also be affected by fatigue and shot distance. However, there are new badges that will improve the shot window for certain situations. The Chef and Limitless Spot-Up badges will improve players’ ability to shoot deep off-dribble and spot-up threes. There are many badges that will help with the dynamic shot window, but the main focus of the shot window is to take high-quality shots.

    This was fairly simple in the base at its core, though there were some special dunks that required extra button inputs to pull off. NBA 2K22 has changed the game though with the new introduction of the Dunk Meter on next-gen versions only.

    NBA 2K22 is out and besides the usual assortment of changes, a significant addition is the Dunk Meter, with many players wondering how to use this new system. In previous NBA 2k titles, dunking was performed in a much different way, so some confusion is to be expected here.

    How To Use The Dunk Meter In NBA 2K22
    To use this new dunk system, what you need to do is head towards the basket as you normally would for a dunk and pull back on the right analog stick to take the shot. Rather than just dunk right away, you will instead notice an icon pop up with a new Dunk Meter on it that you have to utilize.

    When you pull back on the right analog stick, you’ll see a circular meter start to fill up with yellow in a clockwise motion from what would be midnight and back all the way around.

    Within this meter though, you’ll see a green portion that has a white line in the middle of it. This range is where you want to aim, with the ultimate goal being to get as close to the white line as possible. Missing this range when trying to dunk will lead to you failing completely, so you will have to keep trying until you get the hang of it.

    An important thing to note here is that this will fail if you try to dunk with the Square. There are two other factors that also impact your ability to dunk in the game. The first of these is how much stamina your character has. Naturally, if their stamina is low, they have less chance to dunk properly. The second is the Contact Finisher Badge. The higher this has been upgraded, the more likely you will be able to execute a dunk in the first place.

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