Nick Pivetta has locked down the fifth rotation spot - Over the Monster

  • With the Red Sox potentially having at least six capable starters, many of whom have injury histories, there had been talk about using a six-man rotation to ease each pitcher workload. Alex Cora dispelled those rumors a few days ago, however, stating that the Red Sox plan to roll out a five-man rotation. The first four spots in that group are solidified, and will look something like:1) Eduardo Rodriguez2) Nathan Eovaldi3) Garrett Richards4) Martin PerezThe order may be tweaked a bit, but those are the names. The question becomes: Who fits in that fifth slot Well, maybe the question is: Who should fit in that fifth slot, as Tanner Houck being optioned answered that first question <a href=“”></a>. Many thought Houck would be a lock for the Sox 2021 rotation after he exploded onto the major-league scene at the back end of the 2020 season. In just 17 innings last year, Houck gave Red Sox fans some of the best pitching they seen all season. He pitched to the tune of a 0.53 ERA and struck out over 11 batters per nine innings. However, I wouldn hold out hope that these trends will continue his impressive statistics were largely fueled by a .161 batting average on balls in play and a 95 <a href=“”>Jesse Winker Jersey</a>.

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