Eli Manning is good enough to be a winner of a Super Bowl with

  • The NFC’s No. 2 seed is right down here at No. 5 on our Madden NFL 23 playoffs power ranking, which seems very low Madden 23 Coins. Take a look at the teams that rank ahead of them and figure out who should drop. Ravens? Patriots? Yes, but those teams have been through playoffs. They’ve been through it before and they’re well-aware of what playoffs are all about. I’m not slamming the 49ers however they’re being a bit of an unknown now. Maybe they can dominate the Saints next weekend to prove us wrong but until they show me they can play on the level they are, I’ll not rank them higher than some of these other teams.

    I’m a huge supporter of what the Giants are currently doing. The way they’re doing it is similar to four years ago when the Giants were in a playoff and took home the Super Bowl. They’re a veteran group. Their defensive line is strong and can be very difficult for the quarterback who is in opposition.

    Eli Manning is good enough to be a winner of a Super Bowl with. The Giants have a lot of positive things going their way. One reason they’ren’t ranked higher is due to them being a somewhat inconsistent to my taste. They’ve only gone 9-7 over the regular season and, although they seem to be increasing their effectiveness, I’m not able put them in the same league as teams that have demonstrated more over the last 18 weeks.

    It’s hard to look at Texans and not think “All offense and no defense.” Those are the old Texans. This Texans squad is built around defense as Wade Phillips has transformed that team into one of the top teams in the league. The running game is, like the defense is great. However, this is an NFL centered around quarterbacks, and the Texans aren’t great in that department. Don’t think this is an attack at T.J. Yates. He’s only a rookie Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins, 5th round draft pick to be precise and I’m not so sure that he’s prepared for playing in a divisional match against a team that has fielded the best defense for the last 10 years.

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