Es Radio Review - Spain

  • es radio is the official Spanish national broadcaster. It is owned by the multimedia company Libertad Digital and operated by Unidad Editorial. It broadcasts in more than sixty locations throughout Spain and through associated stations.

    Originally, es radio was part of the RNE network, a national audio service that had been operating on telephone lines since 1927. In this way, subscribers could receive radio programs without the need for owning a receiver.

    After World War II, RNE established a second network, which used FM transmitters to offer more reliable and high-quality transmission. The company also began concentrating on music.

    In this way, es radio was able to become a major player in the international radio industry. It aired programs in Spanish, French, Arabic, Ladino, Portuguese and Russian.

    It has been an important tool in promoting cultural and political reforms. It has also been an outlet for many independent artists.

    The station is based in Madrid, Spain. It broadcasts to the whole country through DAB and satellite.

    es radio has an average of 80 million listeners per day, and is the leading Spanish broadcaster in terms of audience.

    es radio is the only generalist radio in the country and broadcasts in all the languages of the Spanish people, ranging from Catalan to Arabic. It also broadcasts concerts, classical music and other types of programming. It also has its own website and social media.

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