Infinity Glide 4000 Review.

  • Infinity Glide 4000 is the best thing which will make you forget about wire headphones. Infinity Glide 4000 latest model is so amazing over the ear headphone. You will totally get involved in music because of four EQ modes, which can be changed according to your mood. The best thing about Infinity Glide 4000 is that users don’t need to pair the headphones again and again, just pair it once and next time your device will connect automatically.
    Infinity Glide 4000 is wireless device which drives “deep bass” output and drives 50 hours listening duration and battery backup as well, it also contains Mic which will help users while calling. The great features of Infinity Glide 4000 made it unique. It is also available online in India for just 3,774Rs, on amazon and flipkart. One outstanding characteristic of this product is its 50-hour playback capacity. Once it is
    Charged fully, you can leave it for days and hours without using it

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