Articulating Boom Lift for sale

  • Articulating Boom Lift for sale CATHAYLIFT CABL series Diesel Articulating Boom lift aerial make many difficult and dangerous jobs easier. For example: indoor and outdoor cleaning (ceilings, curtain walls, glass windows, eaves, awnings, chimneys, etc.), installation and maintenance of billboards, street lights and traffic Installation and maintenance of signs, etc. The characteristics of this aerial lift platform are small, flexible, convenient and fast. The self-propelled aerial work platform can be used instead of scaffolding to reach the height you need and solve your problems. At the same time, it can also save you money and valuable time. It is especially suitable for a wide range of high-altitude continuous operations such as airport terminals, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines.
    Working Height Max14 m18 m22 m26.2 m27.1 m32 m40.1 m42.3 m47.8 m
    Platform Height Max12 m16 m20 m24.2 m25.1 m30 m38.1m40.3 m45.8 m
    Working Radius Max8 m9.8 m12.6 m15.8 m16 m20.2 m21.6 m21.6 m23 m
    Lifting capacity200kg230 kg230 kg230 kg230 kg480 kg480 kg480kg480 kg
    Crossing Height5m7.75 m9.2 m9.8 m9.2 m12.2m19.5m19.5m19.5m
    Length( stowed) ??/p>5.3m7.7 m9.07 m9.92 m9.75 m12.52 m11.37 m12.15m11.6m
    Width (stowed) ??/p>2m2.28 m2.38 m2.48 m2.58 m2.5 m2.5 m2.49m2.5 m
    Height(stowed) ??/p>2.26m2.38 m2.49 m2.82 m2.8 m3.17 m3.17 m3.17m5.1 m
    Wheel base ??/p>2.4m2.45m2.45m3 m3 m3.66 m3.96 m3.96m5.6 m
    Ground clearance ??/p>200mm0.43 m0.43 m0.43 m0.43 m0.43 m0.43 m0.43 m0.38 m
    Platform ???/p>1.10.67m1.830.76 m1.830.76 m1.830.76 m1.830.76 m2.44?0.91m2.44?0.91m2.440.91m2.44?0.91m
    Tuning radius (inside)3.0m2.61 m2.66 m2.6 m2.6 m2.74 m3.13m3.13m2.69 m
    Tuning radius(outside)5.2m5.61 m5.66 m5.85m5.85 m5.85 m6.5m6.5m7.07 m
    Speed(stowed)3.2km/h4.2km/h4.2km/h4.2 km/h4.2 km/h4.14 m4.14 m4.14m4.4 km/h
    Travel speed(raised)0.8km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h
    Turn table swing360? Continuous
    Platform LevelingAutomatic leveling
    Swing Speed0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm
    Grade ability30 %45%45%45%45%45%45%45%40%
    Solid tire3312-2033?12-2033?12-2036?14-20385/65-24385/65-22.5385/65-22.5445/65-22.5445/65-22.5
    Motor PumpUSA CUMMINS
    Steering4WD2WS / 4WD4WS (WD: wheel drive,WS: wheel steering)
    Features & Advantages:

    1. Programmable controller (PLC) control, precise and reliable control.
    2. Fault code display for easy maintenance.
    3. Safety margin limit.
    4. With automatic diagnosis function, when the key part of the control system fails, the system automatically enters the security inspection mode.
    5. Single handle operation, easy to achieve vertical lifting and horizontal movement.
    6. Automatic throttle control, automatically adjust the throttle according to the operation action.
    7. Automatically shut off when the oil pressure is low and the water temperature is high, and the air filter element is blocked to alarm to protect the engine.
    8. High-pressure filter element blockage alarm to ensure smooth hydraulic system.
    9. The engine is installed on the side, with a bracket, which can be rotated out, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.
    10. The working bucket rotates ?90?.
    11. The whole vehicle has good sealing performance, dustproof and sandproof, suitable for harsh working environment.
      Main Configuration:
      Basket (side swing ?90?)
      Proportional control handle:SAUER DANFOSS USA
      Program controller: EPEC Finland
      Length angle sensor: BPE Italy
      Hydraulic valve:
      Oil-control: Italy
      Hydroforce: United States
      Pump station:
      Salami Italy
      Swing motor: HELAC USA
      Walking reducer:
      Brevini Italy
      PMP Italy
      Omni USA
      Engine: Cummins USA
      Real Order:Articulating Boom Lift for sale

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