Mmoexp madden nfl 23:London is the ideal wide receiver that is perfect for the Browns

  • 0_1672992523253_upload-3e34fd32-ded2-40f9-a6b3-cc241917f428 The disappointment of Thibodeaux losing will fade with the realization the Falcons are getting perhaps the top cornerback in the draft. Stingley is all you need and has every chance to become an elite outside corner at the next level with a little coaching to round out his drive and aggression.No. 9: Denver Broncos – Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh

    I’m operating under the assumption that the possibility of Denver hiring Aaron Rodgers is a pipe dream. New chief coach Nathanial Hackett has a QB coaching background , and it’s very clear this: Drew Lock ain’t it. Pickett has an above-average arm, an above-average athleticism and can appear a bit confident. I’m not saying that he’s Aaron Rodgers, but there are some similar traits here. I think Pickett will develop into an above-average player with the potential to go even further when he has a coach team that can help develop his awareness for pressure.No. 10. New York Jets (from Seattle) – Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State

    The time will tell if the Jets were wrong in choosing Zach Wilson with the No. two pick, however, until that determination is finalized then they will need to find him more help. Wilson is the most coveted receiver in the class, with the ability to make large plays using his legs to gain YAC or create massive separation on deep routes thanks to his expertise.No. 11: Washington Officers – Malik Willis, QB, Liberty

    The Commanders are a decent team, but has been demoralized by the QB’s play for the entirety of Ron Rivera’s time with the team. We’re entering a crucial year, and I feel it’s about time to take a shot at a QB. Rivera is sure to love Willis his coaching ability, as well as his athleticism – even if he’s not a complete work in progress as a pure passer. Be aware that the most notable success of Rivera’s coaching experience was from Cam Newton and the Panthers and he’s not scared to make a splash as a QB.

    No. 12: Minnesota Vikings – Trent McDuffie, CB, Washington It is a very secure choice that will fill a huge need in the Vikings. Upgrades to their secondary are essential for them to keep up. McDuffie isn’t quite as big as the ideal, but McDuffie plays higher than his height, with incredible skills and athleticism. He is able to match perfectly with receivers who are floppy and is an ideal open field tackler in order to reduce YAC.

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