How to sign up and enter disney plus code?

  • Here are the five steps you must take to sign up for :Go to on the Disney Plus website and click on the “Sign Up” button.Enter your name along with your email address and password.Choose your country, then enter your payment details.Click for"Create Account" and click the “Create Account” button.

    Visit the ‘ ’ web link and enter the Activation Code using your smartphone. After that, you can start streaming TV series, movies, shows, and more after clicking “Continue.” Sign-up for the Disney membership and register via the mail ID, password, Facebook account, etc. Once selecting the Best Plan for yourself, enter the code into the blank field. At last, enter the code from your device to your TV.

    Log in to your account on the website.Select “My Account” in the upper right-hand corner.Click on "Settings"Click on "View My Account Info"Scroll to the bottom and click "Enter your 8-digit Code."Now your subscription is activated. After creating an account successfully, click the “Start Watching” button at the bottom of the screen to0020start watching the live stream.

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