Can I Change My Avianca Flight?

  • Have you recently purchased a ticket on the Avianca airline? But for some reason, you’re unable to travel on that day. If so, you can quickly and easy Avianca Change Flight on the Avianca airline.

    What is the Avianca flight change policy?

    Avianca has a basic and easy-to-follow protocol for changing your flight: just do it 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your journey, and make sure to make your reservation at least seven days in advance. For Avianca flight changes, you can also contact the customer service division of Avianca Airlines.

    It appears that Avianca has a flexible shifting policy. Most airlines don’t charge for flight modifications during the outbreak. The following conditions are exclusive to Avianca:

    • All tickets, including those booked using miles, are available at no price. If your flight is between October 31, 2020, and June 30, 2021, you can only use it once.

    • For flights booked before October 31, 2020, there won’t be any price or mileage changes, and if you’re in the same cabin, you can modify your flight several times. A travel agency-purchased ticket can only be changed three times, and flights departing after October 31, 2020, can only be changed once without incurring a fee.

    Steps to change Avianca flight

    Variables exist for passengers to alter their reservations with Avianca Airlines. Customers can choose from a variety of options under Avianca’s flight change policy based on their preferences.

    Via online

    • Go to the official Avianca Airlines website and select Manage Your Booking > Flight Status.

    • From the Ticket Status Information section, choose Edit Flight.

    • Choose the flight you want to change, along with its origin, destination, and departure time.
      Next, pick a different flight.

    • Read the terms and conditions in their entirety and go over the adjustments.

    • You are responsible for paying the difference if there is one between the two tickets.

    • An email containing the price difference for the revised itinerary will be sent to you after you click Send Receipt.

    Over a call

    • Dial the official Avianca change flight Airlines customer service number.

    • You would receive a call from a customer support agent who would help you with the final adjustments.

    • Specify the changes you would want to see.

    • The executive will ask for your PNR number and use that information to decide whether or not the passenger is allowed to make changes.

    • Once you have made payment for the additional travel expenses, the executive will advise you of the pricing change and make the required adjustments (if any).

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