The Pros and Cons of a Spell Checker

  • Spell checker tools can help you overcome assignment hurdles by offering you correct spellings in one click. These tools are handy when completing pending assignments within tight deadlines. Unfortunately, writing assignments in these situations can increase errors in spelling.  
    This blog will discuss some of the pros and cons of a spell checker, so make sure you revise it before using one.
    The upside of a spell checker
    1.Automated tool– Spell checkers are automated, and mark misspelt words in different colours. These tools help you become more creative and efficient while writing while checking your spelling.
    2.Useful to dyslexic individuals– Dyslexia is a health condition where one writes words and phrases in a wrong manner. Such people can use an online spell checker to overcome their problems.
    3.Points out frequently-used words– Some programs can mark frequently-used words to help you become more creative in your writing. In addition, they will suggest better synonyms to enrich your writing quality.
    4.Saves expenses– You can use any spell checker tool online without spending a penny. Most of these spell checkers are free but come with restricted word counts. Related: Essay help
    The downside of a spell checker
    1.Lacks flexibility– Spell checkers identify common mistakes. Hence, they can overlook uncommon mistakes in words and phrases absent from the program database.
    2.Introduces complacency– Modern spell checker tools take away the thinking creativity and the writers’ vocabulary knowledge. Nowadays, writers who are poor in spelling can use these tools and make themselves appear as great content developers.
    3.Points to wrong errors– These spell checkers can point to words spelt correctly. If these words are absent from its database, the spell checker will identify them as wrong.
    4.Writers should be experts– Writers using a free spell checker should be experts in their vocabulary knowledge. They should be aware of the errors in this tool and take the appropriate steps to avoid them. Related: buy assignment uk
    Spell checker tools are helpful when you rush to complete your written document. But you should also be vigilant of the tool’s minor flaws.  Related: report writing help


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