Seven Sisters: a place of strength and immersion

  • About an hour we went down to the sea. And inside everything was already trembling from the incredible landscapes at arm’s length. Only this way was already worth it to come. A smell that cannot be confused with anything: an admixture of the sea or kind of desert with huge sand dunes, grass, ponds, freshness and manure. All around us were fields where sheep were grazing. Bright colors and silence. Rare people and expectation.

    We approached the bay. Incredible power, noise and ice water. The screams of seagulls. Eyes and lungs that absorb every moment, knowing that this is what you will remember all your life. Slow shots on film, search for pebbles and shells as a keepsake. A chalk block of the coast, into which an arm up to the elbow can allegedly fall, and a steep climb. We sat down in front of the gate, on the horizon, it seems, we saw a bridge (or it was a good fantasy), stepped over a small fence and went along the springy grass on our way.

    Up, down, up, down. One slope was replaced by another along with the weather especially during biking Either the sun peeped out, forcing you to take off a warm jacket, then a piercing wind rose through, from which you could not hide even in a warm hat with a scarf. The landscape seemed to remain similar, but changed every second. The smell of salt water struck at the very heart, making him beat faster not only from climbs. A small snack of nuts and fruits, sitting on the grass, from which you can’t take your hands off, just wrap yourself up and dissolve. On the road again.

    Fatigue periodically spoke about itself, but the legs went on. There were very few people, sometimes it even seemed that we were just the two of us. And the sea, and the endless green expanse, and this air, and the sky, on which, it seems, you start to walk. Herds of cows and sheep constantly flashed in the distance.

    The people that came across charged. We smiled at each other, as if saying with our eyes: “Yes! I understand you! It’s incredible here! I’m just as happy!" We met grandfather, who easily ran up the hill, and gave us a clear look and an open smile. Delight! A charge of vivacity and the thought that this is the only way you want to meet your old age.

    In the middle of the way, we sat down to rest and have a bite to eat in a small cafe. Round wooden tables, tired but happy people. A little freshness on the face, water in the backpack, and we are ready to move on.

    Evening slowly approached, clouds appeared somewhere in the distance, driven by the ship, it was necessary to accelerate. The forces were leaving, and an old lighthouse was still waiting for us ahead of us. He then appeared, then disappeared behind the rocks of the shore. I wanted to touch it with my hand, it seemed so miniature and toy.

Похоже, подключение к veloufa было разорвано, подождите, пока мы пытаемся восстановить соединение.